‘Agape’ means unconditional love in the Greek language, and this what you will receive from us at Agape Funerals – we act and speak from our hearts, in both Greek and English.

We would like to express our gratitude to the members of Agape Funeral Service. Our beloved mum passed away on 18/1/17 and, as you can imagine we were beside ourselves and were faced with many decisions from selections of coffins, flowers, cars and everything else in between.

Theo patiently and compassionately guided us through the whole process of having to bury our mother. His caring nature to honour our loved one with love and dignity was amazing. Theo went above and beyond to farewell somebody who meant so much to us.

It wasn’t just another ‘body’, Theo and his team made sure that our mum got the send off she deserved. In a time of emotional torment, Agape Funeral Service was a pillar of strength and support. Thank you Theo for all that you and your team did to respect a loving soul. We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Nick and George K

Nick and George K

Good Morning Theodore

Just want to say a very big thank You.

The most painful, hard & sad day of my life was 29th March 2017, my mother’s funeral. We appointed you as our funeral director. We had not done this before so we were nervous how it will flow smoothly, as mum’s farewell was extremely important to us.

All I can say you made it perfect. Your service was professional, personalised, compassionate and just beautiful.

From the first meeting we had to the last follow up which was yesterday you made our sad journey very comfortable. All the people that attended have come back to me and have said to me Theodore was amazing and the funeral was just beautiful.

My family and myself would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Koula, Greg, Natalie and Senior Greg.

Koula Greg Natalie and Senior Greg.